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pop-Jazz, funk, soul, rhythm & blues, rock, afro independent music record label.

On the site of the label recorded you can listen to free music composed by Frank Koene.
There are regular recording sessions in the Recorded.nl studio.
During these ‘recording sessions’ several musicians collaborate on a new composition.
Each musician participating in a session adds their own creative interpretation to the piece of music.
All names of the musicians involved and the instrument they play are listed per song.
The sessions are based on pre-recorded sketches and written scores.
The most beautiful recordings appear with a matching design on the Recorded.nl website.

These web pages with video images can be viewed and listened to on the site completely free of charge.
All audio and video productions are produced by Frank Koene The first recording sessions have appeared
on the CD “Frank Koene recording sessions” Buy these audio productions in iTunes in mp4 format,
buy the CD in the frankkoene.nl webshop

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Enjoy the music and videos on this site.
Frank Koene
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